Barbara Harrington

Candidate for City Councillor Ward 4

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"Making Change in Cambridge together."I want to start with a statement pertaining to campaign contributions. I will not be asking for any of your hard-earned funds (but will still receive them if you choose to donate). This election is happening during hard times for many of our citizens. It is not in my nature to add potential additional burdens during these uncertain times. I will work just as hard and meet as many as possible. Please send an email if you would like a lawn sign.I am running for council because
Cambridge’s issues are Ward 4’s issues and vice versa, we are a community... It is the responsibility of the council to work together, regardless of the ward, to secure the cooperation of all levels of government to find a dignified manner to deal with our community's issues.

ward 4 is more than just the core. we have a beautiful, vibrant, and historic downtown core and it attracts filmmakers, inspires artists, and creates many memories. Ward 4 is the heart of Galt. it has all of our community resources centrally located for accessibility for our community members. Outside of the core, we have diverse cultures, and new and long-standing citizens, who all make ward 4 home.

Cambridge is growing at a rapid pace. our social support systems are struggling to keep up with the growth rate. we have affordable housing issues that need addressing. Cambridge is a working town originating from the textile and Milling industry and still is a working community. We have to maintain industry along with housing.

one thing you will get with me at the helm is reality, you will have my honest heart and truth. you will have my commitment to work hard to help solve our community issues and my dedication to making a change in Cambridge together. I have so much to give to ward 4, this is my home.

Cambridge has very little supportive housing for our high acuity citizens and to be honest, those citizens are sometimes found homeless within our entire community. These citizens need better direction or redirection to community and social services. this is where being a ward councilor is more than just a single ward, you are helping a community. There are many issues facing our community as a whole, regarding homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. We will have to work together as a team to develop and implement a successful plan

there is little to no support for our indigenous community or it's shared with the surrounding areas. with being so close to six nations and residing on their treaty lands, we need more inclusivity for indigenous people and for all cultures in our celebrations and festivals to educate our community. Cambridge is a melting pot of cultures, religions, and identities. we should embrace the opportunity to explore new cultures and communities. It would amazing to have a bigger better multicultural celebration that rotates throughout all our parks (not just the 3 main ones). Let's bring everyone together as one community.

our city's focus has been on growth and development but with that, the families and youth need access to attractions that are for all ages! let's recreate parks for toddler to teen and adult to senior, making them accessible for all. We need more family-oriented attractions.
with the higher inflation rate that keeps rising let's help by having more community gardens with the excess going to our food banks and community kitchens. I know that our community centers have been wanting to use parts of the unused parks for vegetable gardens, which is an amazing idea that needs a plan!

One of my visions or dreams is that new builds have geothermal heating and cooling systems, for houses and small buildings (i am not sure how it would work on a large scale highrise). We could have renewable solar energy panels built within the windows of high rises. Roof top gardens also help with cooling buildings in the summer months. I would love to see a condominium built totally off the grid! Wouldn't that be amazing!!!I kayak and use Cambridge's waterways for peace and tranquility. Our rivers have a very delicate ecosystem and we are not doing enough to protect it. I think having our youth involved, in partnership with the city, work together revitalizing our rivers ecosystem will help now and for many future generations to come. We lack trees and native species in and around the shorelines which help with erosion. We could also plant pollinator gardens in our road medians and garden plots instead of decorative non native plants. I love our city but I love to live too.I would like to see positive change with municipal governing and a council who will work together for the decisions of today and in consideration of future generationsyour vote for me will bring you honesty, heart, hope, and home.To request a sign or to volunteer, just send me a message using the icons below.

About Barbara

Hello! my name is Barbara Harrington. I am running for city councilor of Ward 4
I as a candidate for the city of Cambridge council acknowledges that we are on the traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishnaabeg, and Haudenosaunee Peoples. Cambridge is situated on the Haldimand Tract, land promised to Six Nations, which includes six miles on each side of the Grand River.
I have lived in Cambridge all my life (est. 1970). I was raised in Hespeler. I was your typical kid, who was part of Girl Guides, the 4 H Club, CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training), and Preston Scout House Band. I loved being with my family and friends whether it was fishing on the Speed river or going to Dive-In Theatre on Eagle St.
We then moved to Ward 4 (1984) where I attended and graduated from Galt Collegiate Institute. I was part of the drama club, field hockey, basketball, and was a student teacher. I had my first job at A&W (yes with the carport lol), I went roller skating at the Forum and danced at the Highland. I attended the University of Guelph focusing on biology, sociology, and psychology.
I have raised two amazing children here in Cambridge. My son Adam is Autistic and is the light of my life. My daughter Elizabeth follows her dreams and heart. She has always been driven to help her community in various different ways and disciplines. To this day she cannot walk past a donation box and not add something. Both Adam and Elizabeth were recipients of the ABY award (Above and Beyond Youth) for donating toys after the Cambridge Food Bank was broken into during a Christmas toy drive.I have a very strong family history within the Canadian Armed Forces, from WW I to our current Generation, all willing to sign the dotted line giving their lives for our home and Country. As a family, we are dedicated to our home and community. we are active members of the Hespeler legioncurrently, I am employed at Unique Global Products and Distribution as Lead Hand/shipping receiving/health and safety and Quality Assurance. ( I wear many hats) They are a Warehouse/Co-packaging facility that I have been employed with for the last 18 years. They are a member of the Chamber of Commerce, they believe in equity, diversity, and inclusivity, and are very supportive of me in this new chapter of my life.I was an active board member of the Christopher-Champlain Community Center. I am one of the founding members of the Waterloo Regional Crime Prevention Council. I am a strong and active supporter of the Cambridge Food Bank and a recipient of the Dragonfly Award for Courage. I am a former member of Waterloo Regional REACT helping with special events within the region. I volunteered with the food for thought programs within the public school system. I have volunteered at several community and fundraising events. I am and have been an active community member throughout my adult life. I am a supporter and a full believer in equity, diversity, and inclusion. Everyone belongs in our community.I love camping, gardening, hiking our scenic trails, outdoor photography, and kayaking/tubing in our serine rivers.I am someone who loves her family and community. We need to grow together and make positive changes.

Ward Four

"Making Change in Cambridge together."ward 4 runs South from Dunbar road to concession street and west from Elgin street north to the grand river. it is a very densely populated area that is home to many different cultures.The following link is the Ward map for Cambridge.Cambridge Ward Map

Ward 4 is home to me. I have cherished memories from this community. I remember tubing on Mill Creek all the way down to the underground tunnels downtown, hanging out at Mr.C's coffee shop on Beverly street, or Tim's at the Delta, and one word... The Baja!!!Ward 4 has many issues to overcome and we are not going to make everyone happy but with the right team in council, we will be making positive change in Cambridge together.Ward 4 is more than just the core;it's your backyard, your neighborhood, your community, your's home.

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